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File conversion

Can you take a LeadNav route file with dangers, markers, etc and convert that to Lowrance file?


  • bencalderbencalder Posts: 107Guest ✭✭
    Yes. The Pro subscription provides a feature named "Export to GPS Unit". This converts your LeadNav route into a track and audio waypoints into markers and then exports as a GPX file. Newer Lowrance units can accept GPX files directly.

    If you have an older Lowrance unit you can use GPSBabel to convert the exported file into a USR file.
  • tomatecnotomatecno Posts: 7Member
    Damian, just recently for the TIJUANA DESERT CHALLENGE - SCORE Released a GPS File from a Map Reviewed at Drivers’ Meeting, they released it ONLY as KML file... we where not able to open it with LEADNAV, how do we convert to the format used by LEADNAV? I was not able to do that on time for our race on friday... however where able to get 1st place...
  • bencalderbencalder Posts: 107Guest ✭✭
    You can use a free program on your computer named GPSBabel to convert the file. Or send the KML to us and we'll do it if we have time.
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