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Attempts to add local trail system GPX files is failing. Help...

Hello. I am new to LeadNav, but was quickly able to add mapping for the Rubicon Trail. It seems to be a very easy system to work with. I did run into an issue however. I attempted to add free Tillamook Forest (Oregon) mapping from the State of Oregon Recreation page (, but the upload fails. What am I doing wrong, or missing here? Thank you in advance!!


  • WookieWookie Posts: 6Member
    Better copy/paste, hopefully:

    "OHV Area Maps
    • Tillamook State Forest OHV Map GPX Files Class I, Class II & IV, Class III​
    •Tillamook State Forest OHV Map (GeoReferenced Version)
    •Mt. Baber ATV Club Trail Map"
  • bencalderbencalder Posts: 107Guest ✭✭
    Due to the way they have the GPX files hosted it's not possible to import directly from their webpage into LeadNav. The simplest way to import will be to download the files onto a computer and then AirDrop (Mac) or email the files to an email account on your iOS device.

    Email [email protected] and I will reply with the file attached.
  • WookieWookie Posts: 6Member
    Thank you. I will try that. Ran into a few other sites with similar issue. Will try same with those. Thanks again!!
  • WookieWookie Posts: 6Member
    Email sent to Ben
  • WookieWookie Posts: 6Member
    BOOM... just like that, done deal. Emailed file worked perfectly. Thank you again!!
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