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Pro Pack Sub. Larger Map Section Downloads?

MojaveMafiaMojaveMafia Posts: 6Member
My Pro Pack Sub. expired unexpectedly while I was on a trip and deactivated all my offline map tiles. I opted to buy the Map Sub. so I could continue using the app. while on the trip and it worked great. I often overland with people that cringe at dropping $40 for LeadNav and Map Sub. (most won't get any sub.) and $130 to upgrade to the Pro Pack Sub. isn't an option for them. Given that I also wanted a chance to try the Map Sub. and see how it compares so I can advise, and recommend it.

Now that I'm back home and planning for the Mint 400 I'm considering upgrading back to the Pro Pack Sub. but I have some questions.

I've read a couple places here that you can download larger map sections with the Pro Pack.
1. Is that in reference to the save along route feature only?
2. Does the Pro Pack allow someone to down load a larger square area?
I'm guessing it's #1 because the satellite download limit appears to be right around 40MB with both the Map Sub. and the Pro Pack Sub.
Is the larger square area download a feature that is coming soon?

I used the download along route feature a lot, but it was painfully slow on my iPad 3. This year's Parker 425 took 15 hours and froze numerous times. I read that the download process is more than just downloading and takes extensive computing power. Knowing that now I'm going to give up on my 16 GB iPad 3 and use my 256GB iPhone 7+. Bummed about having to use a smaller screen but I can't afford a new iPad just for LeadNav right now.

Any idea how much faster can I expect my 7+ to handle download along route over the iPad 3?

Finally I've read a couple places that it costs LeadNav every time someone clicks download. Well I click it a lot, clicking download hundreds of times (5GB-7GB) per trip, deleting it, and re-downloading another area for the next trip. If I was able to download a larger area I'd click download a whole lot less.
If it actually costs per MB? then that's a different story. But with large download areas I'd be able to save large areas, delete less often and thus re-download less, saving MB.

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  • bencalderbencalder Posts: 107Guest ✭✭
    Hey Tim,

    1) It is NOT in reference to the save along route feature.
    2) The Pro pack does allow you to download a larger square area. It is set to a limit of 1GB. The map subscription is limited to 50MB per area.

    Your iPhone 7 Plus will likely be able to download and process the imagery much faster than your iPad 3. Especially when on a solid wifi network.

    It costs us anytime you're viewing or downloading imagery. "Clicks" don't affect that number.

    Let us know if you have any other questions, thanks!
  • MojaveMafiaMojaveMafia Posts: 6Member
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    Thanks Ben, 1GB vs 50MB is SO worth the extra $130. Upgrading now.
  • MojaveMafiaMojaveMafia Posts: 6Member
    Just wanted to update this thread to help anyone reading it in the future. I just downloaded along route the Mint 400 on my iPhone 7+ and it took over an hour. Given the length of the course I'd estimate the iPhone 7+ is about 10 times faster at saving maps as my old iPad 3.

    For the first time I've also taken advantage of the larger 1GB map area downloads and its is an amazing time saver!
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