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Add markers while track is being recorded?

Hey all,
I've got the Pro pack. I was wondering whether there is a way to add markers - danger, yellow, green, etc. - while a track is being recorded. I'm thinking while I'm co-dawging a course, I could make notes on the GPS track in real time.


  • bencalderbencalder Posts: 107Guest ✭✭
    Hey DesertDingo,

    Are you running this on an iPad? If so, all you'll need to do is tap Menu > New to make yourself a new collection. Then tap the record button inside the Menu window to get a track recording started.

    From there, tap Routes > New and name it. That will put you into Route Builder mode, but since you just want to drop markers, tap the Menu button again. The Menu window will open directly into your new route, so tap Run. Now you're in Route Runner and the Prerunner bar will show up on the right.

    Drag the Prerunner bar out and double tap on the Danger button. That gives you the red/yellow/green marker dropper buttons. Whenever you tap one of those buttons a marker will drop at your current location.

    When you complete the track recording, convert that new track into a route. Then you can edit that route to add audio waypoints. Or when you go prerunning again, run that route and use the prerunner bar with the Accelerate/Danger/Turn buttons to drop audio waypoints at your exact location.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
  • DesertDingoDesertDingo Posts: 2Member
    Thank you very much. I will give this a try.
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